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What about an tutorial on Requirement Documenting itself?

  I was unsure to post this in feature requests, as I'm not actually currently asking for a feature for application it self, but for something to educational in bit more general.

  I thought it would be nice for many new users to have an tutorial on about understanding, reading and writing the requirement documentation in general. So that if some user stumbles onto this app (in here first I see probability of various self-learners and (software) students looking for quick solution to get some homework done :) ), and one doesn't really know what does actually means requirement documenting, he or she could take some simple quick course on starting to create it, learning 2in1 in that manner: documenting and using the ReqView for it (while also seeing all the benefits of using it).

  Probably a good theme for learn wold be creating some simple app while documenting it (perhaps an PHP guestbook based on files, keeping it small in size and length).

Just an thought :-P

Hello Janar,

thanks for sharing this idea. We need definitely some introductory tutorial for new users not familiar with structured requirements definition. I have moved 

your question to feature requests so people can vote and share their ideas about tutorial.



We are working on integration of Volere Requirements Specification Template allowing users to define and manage requirements according to instructions given in Mastering the Requirements Process book.

Just to let you know that we have just introduced Volere project template which should provide  with the above mentioned book a solid source of information for the beginners into the requirements management topic. For more info see Volere Requirements Specification Template blog post.

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