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Document Merge Tool for DVCS clients in a Large Team setting

 When using a Distributed Version Control System for ReqView configuration management for a document where multiple users are allowed to update the document in parallel, it is necessary to have an easy-to-use, proven merge tool so that users can effectively merge their work together with no data loss and minimal confusion.

 An effective solution would be to create merge tools that can be leveraged by any VCS tool that would require it (e.g. git), tracing through the object hierarchy and resolving object changes, deletions, and additions while also managing auto-generated items such as Object Numbers (especially considering DOORS integration is a priority) and attribute changes.

 A mergetool such as was described is critical to effective document work in a larger team-based setting with multiple developers working on single documents in parallel on distrubuted clients (offline especially) and would be a barrier to entry for customers looking to work in that type of environment.

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