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Embedded Table

User shall be able to add an embedded HTML table into XHTML attributes and add/delete table rows or columns.

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Regarding Embedded Table, you can create / edit a table in MS Word or Excel, copy it to system clipboard and then paste it into ReqView XHTML editor when editing Description or other XHTML attribute. In ReqView you can then edit the content of the table cells. Adding / deleting new lines or columns shall be done in MS Word or Excel.

It becomes cumbersome having to go through external editor every time one needs to add a row, merge cells, delete a column, etc.

We have implemented a simple POC of embedded table controls which might be the solution for this feature request. We can add a New Table button to the toolbar and a context menu allowing to add / delete rows, merge cells, etc. 

On the other hand, we have found several restrictions of this solution:

1) Embedded table controls work only if the rich text editor is opened in a dialog (e.g. New Comment Dialog). It doesn't work if it is opened as inline in the Requirements Table.

-> We might keep the inline rich text editor simple without any addition controls and introduce a new Editor dialog with the embedded table controls (with even more features in the future). The Editor dialog might be opened from the Requirements Table by Shift+Enter shortcut, Shift+double click or Shift+click on edit toolbar icon.

2) Embedded table controls do not work in the ChromeApp (security restrictions). 

-> We have not found any workaround for that. Se we would need to release the ChromeApp with limited functionality comparing to the WebApp and WindowsApp.

What do you think, would this solution help, even it has these restrictions?

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Hi Libor,

    I think first option is the most appealing. Quick edits to the text could still be entered in line, and if need be for more elaborated edits involving the tables the editor dialog is accessed.


Hi Libor,

   How is this coming along? I downloaded the new 2.6.0 Windows application. I tried to edit a requirement with a table and could not find a way to open the dialog editor. All I can do is the in-line edit. Will that functionality not be available?

   Now that the ChromeApp is not a factor since it has been deprecated, I believe it was acceptable to have the table editing commands available when the requirement was opened in the rich editor dialog. Could you please let me know if I'm missing something?

Thank you!

This topic has our attention, we have planned this feature for the next release (2.7). We will post an update here when a beta with Embedded Table is available if you are interested in testing this feature.

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