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Realtime Team Collaboration Server (On Premise)

Users should be able to connect to a ReqView Server (installed on users' company premise) and edit the same project concurrently with other team members. The server should merge the concurrent edit conflicts automatically as much as possible however the application should offer a convenient way how to merge unresolved conflicts manually.

What do you think, is such online collaboration mode important for you? Please vote it up.

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Concurrent working is a very important feature for big projects.

Anyway, for most cases (e.g working with requirements and Test cases at the same time), being able to work concurrently in different project documents would be enough (having some kind of document-level locks).

the documents level locking is on the roadmap for v2.1. The implementation is already in progress so it should be available for testing in the beta version soon.

One of the big advantages of ReqView storing all its data in ASCII format is that it is easily handled by existing version control such as Subversion, Git, etc. Granted, our projects tend to have a small number of contributors, and we are in the same office.


@Malcom: This is good point. You will be able to choose your preferred way of collaboration:

1) Shared Project Folder / File allowing to store files in a VCS or 

2) Realtime Collaboration Server which will help larger and distributed organizations to resolve concurrent edit conflicts.

Realtime Collaboration Server will support also offline mode. So you will be able to checkout a project/document from a server, disconnect from intranet, edit the document, and merge changes and commit them after connection to the server. You will be able even to save the current project as a Project Folder / File from the server, send them to external stakeholders without access to your server and merge back their changes when you get the updated files from them. 

Similar way you will be able to commit to your VCS a Project Folder saved as a baseline from the collaboration server to keep requirements together with other documents and implementation code.

We have released 2.1.M1 beta including implementation of Document Exclusive Edit Mode, see our blog post. Please check it and give us your feedback...

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