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Allow to include documents from other directories / projects


Imagine you would develop cars. Probably 80% of all requirements in a new car project would be generic - like "steering wheel dimensions", "non-slip pedals", regulatory requirements, etc.

Certainly you would like to re-use these requirements from previous projects, instead of re-writing them again and again in each new project.

So for the purpose to have the "base requirements" (e.g. of a common product line) in the requirements project of a specific product, we would appreciate the option to include json-Documents in ReqView from other directories.


So a ReqView project file could look like:
  "id": "Ford Mustang",
  "lastChangedOn": "2018-10-29T16:19:00.708Z",
  "documents": [


Of course this would affect document attachments as well. So ReqView would have to locate the belonging attachments in the folder ../attachments/, relative to the path of the respective document.

It needs to be possible to link from product specific requirements to base requirements.

It would be desirable to be able to directly edit the included basic documents as well (e.g. to fix a typo) without having to open the actual ReqView project of the respective document.

Current situation:

Our current solution to include product line base requirements is a work-around using symbolic file system links: for ReqView it seems like the files are located in the documents/ subdirectory, but actually they are located somewehere else.

Managing the links however is complicated, thus prone to errors and conflicts with the way ReqView handles document lock files.

If ReqView could provide a native way to include documents from other directories, this would be a huge benefit.

I have achieved a document import by keeping base and product projects in SVN, and then using an SVN externals property on the product project "documents" directory to link to a document from a base project.

The referenced document is then effectively a local file to the ReqView product project, while SVN commits and updates act on the original document in the base project.


Hello David,

yes, this would work. Unfortunately, our company migrated last year from SVN to Git/GitLab where the concept of checking out individual files from an external repository doesn't exists (only complete sub-repositories). Although I would not want to go back, this and the missing keyword expansion are sometimes quite a drawback compared to SVN.

For SVN users, however, your suggestion is extremely elegant.
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