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Add option to save more fields to a project template

I have a use case where I want to create a new multi-document ReqView project by duplicating an existing project.

The project template facility will allow me to save an existing project as a template and then create a new project from that template.

However, the project template does not store all the information from a project and documents, with links and comments missing.

Currently when creating a project template the dialog has an option to "Save Current View" in the template.

I request that additional options be added to allow links and comments to also be optionally save to the template, and that creating a new project from a template can then include those fields if they were saved.

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Thank you for sharing this idea. Thinking that the concept of Project Templates might get complicated by adding more options. Reason is that Project Templates do not store IDs thus they cannot not store references to other objects (traceability links). 

Instead, what about adding Clone Project feature offering options to renumber document object IDs, preserve comments and links? You would then save a project as a "normal" Project File and we do not need template concept for Project File at all.

What do you think?

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