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Storable filters

Hi all,

I have been using ReqView for a couple of weeks now and one of the thigs I miss most is the ability to save and load filter definitions.

I frequently need to split and export parts of my documents based on the contents of various attributes. Having to set up the filter every time is tedious and may also introduce subtle errors when filter definitions are not properly recreated every time.

I would be reaaly looking forward to see storable filter definitions in ReqView.

Kind regards,

Wolfgang Ponikwar

Hi Wolfgang,

Thank you for sharing the feature request. It sounds as a good idea.  Do you need to save filter for multiple documents at once? 

It seems to be related to another feature request Shared Multiple Document Views as the filter can be saved in a custom view created by an user. The views can be kept private (persisted over application restart) or shared with other users by saving in the project file.


Summary of our email discussion with Wolfgang:

1) It might be more convenient to save views and filters independently as it would allow to combine both independently (e.g. view #2 and filter #3) instead of saving a new record for each combination.

2) Filters should be stored on the document level to avoid issues with different document attributes. When Attributes Alignment feature is introduced then filters can be project-wide.

3) It would be nice to have possibility to copy / paste filter definition from text (e.g. from documentation examples).

One more idea: the temporary workaround for reusing filter for a document export is to implement filter in the custom export using custom export helpers.  For instance, you can user {{eval}} to evaluate section number and output the document object only for given set of sections. Would that help in your usecase?

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