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Unlocking all documents (for projects saved "as folder")

 Dear Support,

could there be an option to unlock all documents in a project?

With the last update there came the option to open all documents as tabs. Maybe it could be added there.

This would be very helpful since I often are in the situation that I have to lock/unlock each documents in a project when I want to cut/delete several elements with different links at once.

Thank you.


Good idea. We have already implemented your proposal of unlocking all documents when deleting a document to remove traceability links. This feature request is quite similar so it should not be difficult to add it as well.

Thinking more about use-cases for locking / unlocking all documents as it could worse collaboration on different documents (users could lock all documents instead of just the really edited documents).

We fixed a bug preventing users to create a link to a read-only document for the next patch release v2.6.1 which will be available soon.  So you will need to unlock only the source document of each edited link. For instance, you will be able to create / edit / delete satisfaction links from editable SRS document to read-only NEEDS document while other user is editing NEEDS. 

Would that help in you case?

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