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Custom Export Helper for Change History

I think it would be incredibly helpful if there was a way to mark the objects that have changed since the last time the project/document was exported. Since the history is tracked, the export command could take a 'changed since' date, and return true if the requirement has a change after that date. Alternatively, something like the Suspect Flag which could be cleared manually would work.

I think it would definitely be good to distinguish between attributes. If there's only one change export command, I would suggest that it definitely be just the heading and text. If it would be possible to have multiple commands, it would be useful to have separate export commands for changes to requirement itself (heading and text), changes to custom attributes (I don’t need right now, but could be useful for others), and for changes in discussion, (which I don't need, but others might find that useful.)

The beauty of ReqView is that it stores requirements in JSON format. So the files can be managed with a source code control tool.

So, while I think it might be useful to have such capability in the user interface, I'm not very likely to use it. 

A very powerful way to see exactly what changed and when (going back all the way to the beginning), is to check the files into something like a GIT or Mercurial repository. After each work session I commit the latest files with a comment. 

Ya, the built in compare tool in the file menu is really helpful too. It's a good in-interface way to look at history comparisons across all requirements. Of course, I forget to save a backup of old versions sometimes and then have nothing to compare to! However, I'm not really looking for something in the user interface, but an export helper for using a custom export to get the requirements out of the user interface.

The issue I'm having is that I do a custom export every few weeks into html for our supplier in Taiwan, so they can have it in a format that's more comfortable to them. I'm looking for a custom export helper (like {{changed since=050119}} ) that I could use in an if block to mark (it html) the items that have changed since I sent the last version. This would make it a lot easier for them to review, and I think it could help other users that make use of the custom export.

Even a lastChangedOn helper for the Document Objects would probably work, combined with the {{eval}} helper.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We like your idea of a custom export helper as it would allow to create a Template Column showing a flag for changed document objects. 

There is one limitation though - this helper needs history of changes saved in Project Files / Folders. Some customers prefer to manage the project into VCS without history relying on the external history of the VCS. The custom export helper will not work for them. How about you, do you store the project in the VCS with the internal ReqView history?

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We use the internal history in ReqView; our system is quite simple and we manage all the requirements data in the software. Since the history data is stored in ReqView anyway, it would be great to access it with a custom export helper.

I understand that this might not be useful for others who use an external Version Control System, but theoretically they have the ability to track changes in their VCS. I suppose that the Compare tool is useful for them since they would have older versions saved, but it's not what we could use. Those users may be interested in a way to export Compare results somehow, but I won't request that feature since I don't use the tool :p

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