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ReqIF Roundtrip Synchronization

Would you need to synchronize data between ReqView and other RM tool by means of ReqIF import / export? Which RM tools are you working with?

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Yes, it is very useful having the feature of import/export form/to ReqIF Format files. 

Import ReqIF: we can import requirements form clients using many different RM tools (e.g., IBM DOORS). 

Export ReqIF: we can create our requiremnts (or modify existing ones) and send it back to clients. 

Also, we have developed (in-house) software tool that can generate test cases automatically form user requirements spec. The tool can import ReqIF file for demonstrating the traceability between the orginal requiremnts and generated test cases. 

Yes, it is quite important and desired while exchanging requirements between different Tools; some customers who are using different tools may ask the requirement in ReqIF Format.

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@Michael: You can vote for MacApp here:

Yes, this would be particularly useful when working on requirements at home (ReqView on Mac [*]), then importing the results at work (Polarion in the cloud) or at clients (Aligned Elements w/ custom ReqIF importer/exporter on Windows).

[*] When can the native Mac app be expected? Couldn't find it anywhere on the roadmap, and EOL of Chrome desktop apps is approaching fast ...

Yes, this is especially desired when exchanging requirements with customers that have other requirements management tools (such as Doors which is common in the automotive industry).

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