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ReqView for Tablets

User should be able to use ReqView on tablets for both document edit and review.

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Imho, this only makes sense on the 12.9" iPad Pro, for usability reasons (as it's mainly about screen size).


@Michael: You are right, we would need to make a new ReqView GUI optimized for small screen size and touch input. Something like a screen for TOC, a screen for Reqs.Table and screen for requirement details (attributes, links, discussion and history). Even with such GUI it would not be much comfortable to do all the tasks because user would need to switch between screens and the virtual keyboard would take lot of screen space during typing.

@all: Please describe your usecase for working with ReqView on tablets so that we better understand how you would like to work with requirements on a mobile device (tablet). We might then come with a lighter version of ReqView tailored for your needs...

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