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Roundtrip data synchronization with IBM Rational DOORS for any DOORS user

We have just got a new feature request in the ReqView User Survey from an anonymous user:

  • Need to have a reliable data exchange method (plain text, rich text, enumerated types, images and OLEs) from DOORS to an offline format for review and changes.
  • It needs to be configurable (i.e. end-user defines which attributes from DOORS to export/import). 
  • It needs to be driven by any DOORS user, so that they make the data export/import themselves and are not depending on a super-user to do it for them (that would slow down the whole process) - no waiting/merging of RIF/ReqIF back into a DOORS module - needs to happen as 1 action. 
  • It needs to work on Citrix, so that end-users do not need DOORS client on own desktop. 
  • It needs to allow for insertion, editing of all exported attributes, deletion and moving of objects (change location and hierarchy level within the module) outside of DOORS and that these are then correctly imported back into DOORS. 
  • It needs to be able to automatically create links (DOORS link by attribute function) based on values in a 'Link To' column after importing data. 
  • It needs to 'fail' safely, if for example, enumeration values entered outside of DOORS are not available in the DOORS module at import or link target object ids are not correctly entered - i.e. all import changes are rolled back if all import changes are not done 100% correctly (import is1 atomic change).
  • It needs to log import changes/report errors to end-user after export/import into DOORS is done (user feedback/confirmation).
Do you have similar needs? Please vote or share your comments ...

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In my opinion, OSLC would be the generic solution for this feature. This would allow any tool implementing OSLC-RM to interoperate with ReqView including DOORS itself.

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