A shared Project Folder should not be manually moved to another location while a user edits a project document (and keeps the document lock file) to allow the user to save document changes to the original location of the Project Folder.

If a Project Folder was moved while you was editing the document then you can merge your document changes into the new location of the Project Folder manually as follows:

  1. Save your project changes to another Project Folder stored at your local drive by File > Save As Folder... menu. Backup its content to a ZIP file.
  2. Make sure that no user is editing any project document and backup the shared Project Folder to a ZIP file.
  3. Let assume that you changed document SRS. If the SRS document has not been changed by another user after the Project Folder was moved to its new location (check timestamp of file documents/SRS.json) then you can simply copy your version of the document file (<local_folder>/documents/SRS.json) over the document file stored in the shared Project Folder (<shared_folder>/documents/SRS.json). If the document was changed by another user then you need to manually compare and merge changes of both document files.
  4. If you added or changed document attachments then copy the changed attachments from the local Project Folder to the shared Project Folder.
  5. Open the shared Project Folder and check that it contains all your changes.
  6. Backup the shared Project Folder to a ZIP file for further reference.
  7. Open the changed document (SRS) in Exclusive Edit Mode by Document > Start Editing Document menu and continue in editing the document. When you are finished switch the document to Read Only Mode by Document > Finish Editing Document menu to free the document lock file.

We recommend to follow the above steps together with your ReqView project administrator who can review each action. If unsure then contact our support.